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Screen shows picture but cannot use touch screen function :
Make sure that: 1. The PS/2 cable connects to Geisler Karaoke Player. 2. The RJ45/UTP cable connect to both PS/2 Cable and Touch Screen. If both solution above did not work. Try to replace the RJ54/UTP cable or the PS/2 cable.
Screen does not show any picture :
Make sure that the VGA cable(15 pins connector) connects to Geisler Karaoke Player.
Touch screen does not point to the right place :
Make sure that there's no other material that covers the screen, something like plastic that possibly covers the monitor glass.
How to add song from USB :
- Turn off player - plug in USB - Turn on Player - Choose a song in USB - While playing, press eject button in Remote control - Menu will help you for adding the song
Supported format in USB :
File supported by player: MPEG-2
Customer Support :
You can send email to for more information or troubleshooting.